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All images © Oanh Le

Was at the library doing some research/focusing/getting things done! C:

Just some sketches and doodles recently. C:

This was about…3 weeks ago? (wow!) Been meaning to upload this but kept getting sidetracked by everything else.

I was putting together my frames for SOI. (Also got lots of nice tips to make it easier and faster the next time I go frame something.) Ellie was already wrapped and done when I remembered to take pictures, which was okay, compared to last year where I forgot to even bring the camera.

It was an … adventure. From assembling the frames on a deadline, to hauling them to fedex (walked and got a bit lost; the directions I got was a block short), and then shipping cost panic! (400?! 270!? …. went down to 200 in the end, which was ok since I wasn’t even paying for it. (yay)) It was overall a fantastic day once everything was over. (FedEx dude was super helpful, sun was shining, got my pay stub, and got myself a new book.)

I was going to update with something else… but, I’m feeling a bit lazy. So, here are a few …somewhat recent sketches instead. 

What I got in the mail today! I actually didn’t have to go pick it up! Which is awesome, mostly cause I always had to pick up my packages (from not being at home, having had to be at other places…) from where ever the pick-up locations are. Anyway, I decided to order a 11x14 print of ELLIE a while ago when S6 had one of those free shipping promotions. It looks awesomeeee!

Now, I just need to figure out where to put it.

Something new. First traditional piece in a while! C: 

Been working on some new stuff (books,/zine?), got a haircut (hair is short now…), planning to start a food blog (haha…), got some good news/surprise (got into SOI again…frame shopping here we go), and trying to get organized and get things done.

That’s pretty much it! Hopefully I’ll update some more sooner rather than later.