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Something new. First traditional piece in a while! C: 

Been working on some new stuff (books,/zine?), got a haircut (hair is short now…), planning to start a food blog (haha…), got some good news/surprise (got into SOI again…frame shopping here we go), and trying to get organized and get things done.

That’s pretty much it! Hopefully I’ll update some more sooner rather than later.

A quarter illustration from editorial class! Based on a book review that was published in 2008. 

Not a lot to say, other than it’s getting busier as the end of the semester gets closer! And my grad project is still no where near getting completed! D:

An illustration done for editorial illustration class! The article was a NYtimes book review in 2005 that was about painting elephants in Thailand. Mostly chose this cause I wanted to draw an elephant. C:

other than that, it’s my SPRING BREAK! although I’m trying to do some catch-up work before class starts again.


hello hello to new followers and cheers to those who have stayed with me so far! Will try to update often but it seems I’m going to be really busy in the next few months…

First project of children’s book class! Basically to pick a less known fairy tale and illustrate it. I chose Sweet Porridge otherwise known as The Magic Porridge Pot. Originally I was aiming for 4 spreads and 1 illustration but due to time constraints and other classes I only ended up with 1 illustration and 2 spreads. These illustrations are somewhat finished, I might go and add a few more details though. The other spread that I managed to finish for crit needs a bit more tweaking. A bit disappointed that I didn’t finish the others on time but I think I’ll try and finish them during my break. C:

drew this in dec. was playing with color C:

Last assignment of Digital illustration class! 

Decided to just take bits from works I did in 2010 fall and 2011 spring semester and mash them together to form into: end of year summary

not really a portrait but… I like it C:

I have a school agenda that I never really use… so I use it as a sketchbook, because it’s such a waste to see perfectly good paper go to waste C:

Besides I’m assuming it’s included in the tuition, so I’m already paying for it anyways :P